How to Complete All GTA 5 Missions

Completing missions is a crucial aspect of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) as it progresses the story and unlocks various rewards. This article will guide you on how to successfully tackle each mission in the game.

1. Understand the Mission Structure:

Each mission in GTA 5 has a specific objective and usually involves a combination of driving, shooting, and sometimes stealth. Before starting a mission, read the briefing carefully to understand the objectives and any specific requirements.

2. Prepare and Equip Yourself:

Ensure you have the necessary weapons, ammunition, and equipment before starting a mission. Visit Ammu-Nation stores to stock up on weapons and make sure you have enough health packs and body armor.

3. Explore the Game World:

GTA 5’s open world is filled with hidden locations, useful resources, and vehicles that can aid you during missions. Take the time to explore the game world and discover shortcuts, hiding spots, and advantageous positions.

4. Follow the Mission Instructions:

Pay close attention to the mission instructions provided on-screen. They will guide you through the objectives and give you important information on how to approach different situations. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid unnecessary complications.

5. Use Stealth When Appropriate:

Stealth can be a useful tool in many missions. Take advantage of cover, use silenced weapons, and use stealth takedowns to silently eliminate enemies without alerting others. This can make missions easier and reduce the risk of failure.

6. Improve Your Driving Skills:

Driving plays a significant role in many missions. Practice your driving skills by participating in races or simply exploring the game world. Learning how to handle different vehicles and mastering the controls will greatly enhance your chances of successfully completing missions.

7. Use the Right Weapon for the Job:

Having the right weapon can make a mission much easier. Pay attention to the mission requirements and choose weapons accordingly. For example, if a mission involves a lot of close-quarters combat, shotguns or SMGs may be more effective than long-range rifles.

8. Retry and Learn from Mistakes:

Don’t get discouraged if you fail a mission. Learn from your mistakes and try again. Analyze what went wrong and come up with a different strategy or approach. Persistence and adaptability are key to overcoming challenging missions.


By understanding the mission structure, preparing yourself adequately, utilizing stealth, improving driving skills, and adapting your approach based on previous attempts, you’ll be well-equipped to complete all GTA 5 missions successfully. Remember to enjoy the game and immerse yourself in the exciting storyline!

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